Metal Panel – Eagle


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Hand crafted from aluminum and steel

Featured in a series with a Frog and a Whale

The eagle is the ruler of the sky and has the ability to transform itself. The eagle also has a connection with our creator. It symbolizes grace, power, and has great intellectual abilities. The Eagle is a sacred, wise and noble creature representing power and prestige to the First Nations People of the Northwest Coast.  The eagle is one of the most utilized birds embodied in their art and mythology and can be a symbol of chieftainship as many families own or inherit the right to use the Eagle crest.  The gift the eagle shares is the ability of foresight, and an indication of good times to come. Eagle feathers are used while smudging and were given as a symbolic gift to impart respect for accomplishment and display of courage and wisdom.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 15 x 24 in


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